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GymCity empowers gym owners, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts with an all-in-one platform designed to streamline operations, enhance training experiences, and foster community engagement.

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GymCity enables your control over the day-to-day gym operations so that you
can easily manage your gym, keep your members happy, and handle all your gym
tasks without hassle.

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GymCity Features

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Gym owners set up different membership options easily. You can make memberships for a few months, a year, or for specific activities like yoga. It helps sign up members for what fits them best.

This feature helps keep track of all member information in one place. You can see their profiles, fitness progress, and membership details. It makes managing and talking to members easy.

It all about managing your gym's trainers. You can see their skills, schedule, and how they're doing. It helps members find the right trainer and keeps everything organized for you.

Lets trainers create workout plans for members. It has a big list of exercises with instructions, making it easier for members to follow along and see their progress.

This is a gym planner. It lists all classes and workouts. Members can book what they like. Trainers set schedules for members, so everyone knows their workouts. It helps keep the gym neat and everyone on time.

It makes handling money easy. Members can pay in different ways, and it keeps track of all payments and bills. It helps with quick checkouts and keeping an eye on the gym's money.

It gives you reports on how the gym is doing, like how many people come, how much money is made, and how trainers are doing. It helps you understand what's working and what can be better.

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GymCity for Members - The Smart Way to Stay Fit

Create Your Perfect Routine

Access a vast library of exercises and tailor your workout plans to match your fitness level and goals.Enjoy the flexibility to modify and customize your workouts anytime, ensuring you’re always excited about your next session.

Stay Connected, Wherever You Are

Connect with multiple gyms and switch seamlessly. Your personal dashboard updates instantly, showing workouts and schedules specific to your chosen gym. Benefit from gym-provided workouts, trainers’ schedules, and exclusive gym content, enhancing your gym experience.

See Your Success in Real-Time

Track your workout progress, body measurements, and fitness milestones all in one place. Visualize your achievements with intuitive graphs and metrics, keeping you motivated every step of the way.

A Community That Cares

Dive into a supportive community of members and trainers. Share your journey, receive encouragement, and stay motivated. Directly communicate with trainers for personalized advice and coaching, ensuring you’re never alone in your fitness journey.

Effortless Scheduling & Payments

Easily book classes, manage schedules, and view upcoming gym events from your dashboard. Handle memberships, payments, and invoices with a few clicks, giving you more time to focus on what truly matters: your health and fitness.

Fitness App | Fitness Management

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Manage Your Fitness Business
Smart Solution for Gym Owners & Trainers

Easy Registration

Whether you're a Gym Owner or a Personal Trainer, sign up is straightforward. Use your mobile number or social media to register, but you’ll need a mobile number to ensure seamless communication.

GymCity Dashboard: Your Command Center

Tailor-made dashboard that simplifies managing your gym. From member management to scheduling, everything you need is just a click away. Designed for trainers to easily access their schedules, member workouts, and more, ensuring you're always prepared for the next session.

Member Management Made Simple

Gym owners can add members directly, no need for members to sign up themselves. Keep track of everything from general information, workout plans, to body measurements and payment histories.

Financials & Workouts: A Seamless Blend

View invoices, track payments, and easily manage financials all in one place. Create custom workout plans for members, monitor their progress, and adjust plans as needed.

Engagement & Growth Tools

Help members achieve their fitness goals with personalized diet plans and target setting. Tailor workouts specifically for member needs, ensuring they get the most out of their gym experience.

GymCity Services: Beyond Basics

Define your gym’s operational hours and manage activity schedules with ease. Keep your members informed with notices and manage requests efficiently, fostering a vibrant gym community.

Enhance Your Gym’s Operations

Manage all aspects of billing, from viewing due invoices to processing payments. Easy access to reset passwords, change contact details, and adjust financial settings to suit your gym’s needs.

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A Platform for Every Fitness

GymCity isn’t just for traditional gyms. Our comprehensive suite of tools is designed to support a wide array of fitness businesses and professionals, ensuring that no matter your niche, GymCity can help you optimize, grow, and succeed.

Traditional Gyms & Fitness Centers

Streamline operations from member management to scheduling and billing.

Boutique Studios (Yoga, Pilates, Spin, etc.)

Customize sessions, manage small class sizes, and create intimate workout communities.

Personal Training Ventures

Manage client schedules, workouts, and progress all in one place.

Martial Arts Dojos

Track student progress, manage classes, and handle memberships effortlessly.

CrossFit Boxes

Plan workouts, track member achievements, and foster a strong community spirit.

Dance Studios

Schedule classes, manage performances, and keep in touch with students and parents.

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Leverage GymCity’s extensive benefits to not just meet the evolving needs of your members but
to exceed them, ensuring your business not only survives but thrives in today’s competitive
fitness landscape.

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